Thank you for visiting my blog! I am excited to be venturing to India this April.  I hope you enjoy following and learning with me through this journey. My desire to go on this trip literally across the world stems from my interest in global medicine.

Currently I am finishing my fourth year of medical school and am preparing to a start pediatric residency in the summer. As I delve deeper into my training I am learning more and more about the importance of connecting with people across a variety of borders to collaborate in the effort of helping those in need.  I would like to be an active participant in these efforts now and in the future. I am grateful for the opportunity through Child Family Health International (CFHI) to travel to India in order to work with and learn from some of the physicians in Pune.

My goals for this trip are to:

1.) Enjoy the journey!!

2.) Develop a better understanding of India’s health care system (the good, the bad, and the in-between)

3.) Learn about the common diseases and health concerns of women and children in this area face

4.) Become more familiar with this beautiful, vibrant country and its people.

These goals are subject to change as these next few weeks unravel 🙂

I am excited for the opportunity to join the team at CFHI and am extremely grateful for the scholarship they have provided. CFHI focuses on bringing people from many different cultures and backgrounds together in an environment of learning, with the goal of bettering health care for the global community. I am honored to be a part of this mission and hope that you enjoy learning along this journey with me.

Thanks again for joining!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I can’t wait for your journey to begin! Just imagine the people you’ll meet that will influence you. I’m sure you’ll leave an impression on them also. Every hour of every day will leave a story on your mind and heart. Take a deep breath, because it will calm you and prepare you for the spectacle of life! Love, mom

  2. Thanks momma! What an encouraging comment! I’m extremely excited for the people I’ll be meeting and can’t wait to share what I’ll be learning with you.

  3. Hello India, so good to see you via pics and loving your daily words.
    I’m wondering when your day starts and when it ends? Praying morning and night for ya = ). Julie
    Hello from Spring bursting Ohio. It’s very cool to be reading about your new friends, travels, adventures, surprises, observations, and service. Glad you got to ride the motorcycle…soon you’ll want your own. I’ve got an extra one so maybe if you get it down we can ride?:) Steve

    • Hi Dr. Davis! To answer your question, I spend the morning with my host family until about 10 when I go into the hospital. Each day is a little different, but yesterday I was done at the hospital around 2:30, and then I spent the rest of the day with my host family and with Krishna’s family. I have been excited to see so much of Pune already!

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