Day 1: marathon flight day

packed and ready

I’m excited to say that I’m currently sitting in the Newark airport waiting for my flight to Mumbai to take off.  Day #1 started off with a few twists, but nothing major.  My flight to Newark ended up getting canceled late last night!  Thankfully I checked my email, and was able to schedule for an earlier take off time from Columbus.  Shout out to Kristin, Milli and Gio for being so flexible with taking this girl to the airport!

saying goodbye to Ohio

Other than dealing with flight madness, things have been going well.  I get more and more excited as the take off time approaches.  Maybe its the coffee, but my energy is sky high!

proof to myself that this is actually finally happening!

Well, the girl next to me who is letting me use her wireless hotspot is leaving soon, so I’ll wrap things up.  Thank you all for your excitement and support.  I’ll try to keep you up-to-date as much as I’m able. 🙂


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