Day 2

Today was filled with some more great experiences! I shadowed one of the pediatricians at the local hospital, spent some time with Krishna’s family, facetimed my parents, and even got in a good nap 🙂 I just posted some more pics. Check them out! Thank you all for the comments. I love hearing from you! Sorry this is so short, but I hopefully will be able to elaborate on some of the adventures later on. Love you all!


9 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. It was wonderful seeing and speaking with you this morning, this evening in your case, and it was great meeting your host family. You are going to have a wonderful, memorable experience-it makes me want to travel to Indai now. Love dad

  2. Meredith,
    We are so excited for you, what an experience! So glad you arrived safely and we will pray that you continue to be safe and have a truly amazing time!

    Lots of Love,
    Aunt Sue and Family

  3. Meredith, It was great seeing you and talking with you this morning. You looked so Indian! I am so curious about a lot of things, but first, clue me in on some of the foods and meals you are eating. Good luck with your work in the hospital and clinics. Love you, mom

    • Mom the food has been wonderful. They have been introducing me to the different types of foods from the various regions of India. This morning we had chai and curried rice with vegetables. For lunch we had chapatti (tortillas) and curried vegetables, and for dinner we had had Chapatti, Dahl, rice, vegetables, and yesterday I had some coconut ice cream 🙂 we also usually have chai tea and some sort of snack (noodles) in the afternoon or late morning.

      • Food sounds yummy. I have seen a lot of women wearing long skirts around here lately. How do you like your long skirts? Are they comfortable for work? Also, are there mountains around where you live? Today was beautiful here, in the 70’s with sunshine. Love, mom

  4. Hey Mere!
    I am so glad we get to hear about your awesome experience. I will keep Caleb updated on what his amazing aunt is doing in India!

    • Thanks Scott!! Not anything too crazy. I’m getting good at eating with my right hand though! This morning I had some peanut chutney with a spicy type of pancake. No sweet breakfast cereals or sweet anything in fact. Everything is spicy and salty. Dad would be in heaven 😉

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