Day 4

Sorry for the delay in posting. I hope you all are doing well!!

I’m starting to get in a routine this week which is comforting in the midst of being in such a new and different place. Each morning Dada takes me to the Dabak’s house where I have breakfast with Mrs. Dabak. They prepare a new dish each morning for me to try. Today we had a sort of vegetable pancake (loving all these veggies!! Jess, I’m thinking of you constantly…haha) and a peanut chutney. It wasn’t quite like peanut butter, but close enough 🙂

The past few days in the hospital I’ve been working with the OBGYN doc and the surgeon. Even here the surgeon asks the student (aka me) questions during the procedure. If only I could understand what he is asking me 😉

The nurses and junior doctors (doctors in their first years post residency) have been helping me understand what is going on and have been teaching me some Marathi and Hindi.

I’m still enjoying the motorcycle rides, but during the rush hours I hold on extremely tight! This weekend I’m heading to Ajunta to see some famous caves. I’ll keep you all posted!

Love you all!

Check out the new pics in the gallery page. For some reason I’m having trouble putting them into the posts from my phone.


2 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Sounds fascinating! I love your surgery shoes. Are they disposable? Time for a polish party! The temp got to 80 degrees here with sunshine.

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