New beginnings

Thank you all for the encouraging comments! I read them before heading to work on Tuesday at the Dabak’s house, and I felt extremely supported. You all are amazing! I’m glad you are enjoying going through this journey with me. Now for a little story time…

After typing up the last post on Monday night I was called back into the hospital because one of Dr. Kothalve’s (I think I spelled that wrong last time…woops!) patients went into labor. My adrenaline started to rush as Dada (my host dad) drove me down to the hospital on the motorcycle. When we got there I hopped off and practically ran into the building.

Working hours are a little different here. The regular work day usually begins around 10am and the there is a break from 3-5pm after which things start up again until around 9 pm. Therefore, when I went into the hospital things were proceeding on as usual. However, when I walked into the OT (operating theater) the surgery nurses were rushing around bringing equipment to and from the operating room.

They signaled me to go in. I walked into the OR and immediately was struck by the quiet and calm with in the room (unlike outside). The woman was now in active labor but the only sounds were the nurses’ quiet coaching during her contractions and the rattle of the housekeeper’s anklets as she brought things in and out I the room.

I went up next to the patient and tried to see how I could help. After hearing the nurses encourage the woman a few time I practiced the phrase over and over in my head before quietly saying the words out loud. When the baby was finally horn and let out her first cry I gave the mom’s hand a little squeeze and she looked up at me and gave me a smile. She had the most relieved look on her face.

The baby was quickly swept away by one of the nurses. I asked the doctor if I could follow. He nodded (sidebended πŸ˜‰ ) yes, an I ran out the door after the nurse. The little peanut was places under the warmer and cleaned off before her official birth weight was taken and her vitamin K injection was given. After these duties were done the nurse went back into the OR leaving me with the new little one. She seemed so calm and quiet (going along with the theme of the birthing room). I waited by her for probably 10 minutes when I started to wonder when she was suppose to be brought back into her mother. After a few more minutes I started to sweat profusely from being so close to the warmer in the already hot OT.

Thankfully the nurse came back out and wrapped the little girl in a beautiful cloth. I thought that she would finally bring the baby to her mom, but she instead took her to the anxious family out in the waiting room. I never was able too see when the mother was finally able to hold her baby for the first time because I was told to head home after this. This was a great way to end a difficult Monday.


5 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. There is nothing better in medicine than watching a new precious life make its way into the world! Glad you got to experience that JOY in another culture! It sounds like no matter where you are, what facilities you have, or language you speak, it is still a miracle and a blessing to be a part of. Praying for you!! Miss you like crazy!!

  2. A birth!!! Yayyy! The best part of medicine 😊😊 lol
    A couple of things that I want to comment on:
    1. That work day sounds great to me. Start at 10, break from 3-5, if only it wasn’t until 9 everyday lol
    2. A hot OT? I cant even imagine that. You know I’m anemic so I’m usually freezing in the OR!
    3. Have you happened to come acrosd the c-section rate in India? I think it’s higher than in the USA and it’s one of my favorite procedures so with the work day, the hot operating rooms and the c-section rate maybe these are signs that India is where I need to be! Lol
    Miss you!

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