Day of rest

Today I felt like my confidence and energy had been renewed. Not quite sure what flipped the switch, but I definitely was grateful to regain a positive attitude. The clinic was a little slow today, so I got out early and was able to spend some time at the house with my host family.

Choculee taught me some Marathi this afternoon as she scooted around on her little three wheeler…amba=mango, teeke=ok, acha=good, chan or musta=delicious, marasaldar=spicy. I love that a 5 year old was giving me a language lesson. Proof that kids are pretty amazing 🙂

It felt like one of the hottest days yet, but after it finally cooled down a little Dada, Choculee and I wet for a walk around the neighborhood. We went through the local university where so many people were out walking. Dada told me that many people in the city take daily walks in the morning and at night. I have yet to see any runners (bummer), but Dada explained that people mainly walk or play cricket or soccer. Seeing all of the women in their saris, the flowers blooming around the university, and a group of people playing soccer in the field nearby as the sun set made for a truly beautiful Indian evening scene!

When we got back to the house Manisha let me hang out in the kitchen for a little bit to watch her do her cooking magic. She makes such great, but spicy (masaladar!) food. Dinner usually consists of Chapati (tortillas), a few spicy vegetable or lentil concoctions, and Dahl (spicy lentils that are more soup like and poured over rice). Sometimes we’ll also have chutney.

After watching Manisha make what seemed like a billion chapati she let me try my hand at rolling out the last one. I thought I did pretty well, but she said that tomorrow we will practice some more. Maybe by the time I leave I’ll be able to make a killer Indian meal for you all!

Here are some lessons I’ve learned after today’s relaxing day:

1.) Be grateful for the breaks that you are given and take advantage of the rest they provide.

2.) setting goals for the day in the morning really help keeps things in prospective throughout the day.

3.) Building relationships and simply spending time with people is one of the most important things we can do.

Challenges this week:

1.) Being a single traveler. This makes things a little difficult, especially when trying to do a little sightseeing. There are many places I want to visit, but am hesitant to go on my own. My host family has been helpful in trying to find ways for me to see parts of India that are nearby.

2.) The language barrier. I learned today that even though Marathi is the main language in this state, there are different forms of Marathi that are unique to each local area. That is why my two language books have completely different translations for some of the same words!! Arg… So confusing.

I’m going to be transitioning over to a pediatrician’s office today, so if you have any questions you’d like me to ask send them my way. I’ll do my best to hand signal my way to an answer 😉


4 thoughts on “Day of rest

  1. I feel like I’m there with you! Lol. You are doing an awesome job writing! Thanks for keeping up with this blog. Miss you! Praying for safety, comfort, and great experiences for you. Can’t believe your already almost half way done!

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