Overwhelmed… The word to describe these past few days.

First off, I’m sorry for being MIA. We were out in the rural areas and I had no internet access. I have a short time this morning, so this post will be brief, but I’ll share some more stories with you soon.

The word of the day is “overwhelmed” because of the amazing, but eye opening experiences this weekend. I met so many new people, tried many new foods, and went Waaay out of my comfort zone.

Im running out of internet time, so I have to save the wedding stories for later 🙂 check out some of the pictures though!! There are more to come. I’ll sum up the two days in a few words… Colorful, loud, lots of smells (good and bad!), and hot (I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot in my life…haha).

Ok, we are getting ready to leave again to work out in the rural clinic today, so I’m signing off. I’ll try to give you a better up date soon.


Love ya all!


5 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Awesome cliff hanger…we probably have no idea what ‘rural’ you’re talking about. Can’t wait to hear
    your stories. We are getting ready to go to some warmer weather in a familiar place to you…NM.
    Are you tanning nicely or just on the slow bake setting? are you taking the pics with your mini or phone? they are fabulous. Miss you and we should all be so lucky to have such overwhelming stories.
    Sending some of my best prayers your way….julie

    • Julie! I hope you have an awesome time in NM! Say hi to Cleo for me! to answer your questions:
      1.) it’s hard to tell if I’m tanning because no matter what I’m looking rather pale 😉 it’s more like I’m boiling from the inside out. The heat is killer
      2.) the pics have been from my IPhone. I’ve had some problems connecting on the tablet so I’ve been navigating everything on my handy phone. She done so well!

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