Final Week Adventures

The internet has been scarce this week, but I’ll fill you in.  I started working with another pediatrician, Dr. Kothare, on Monday.  His office is a small two room clinic on the third floor of a nearby building (right under a fruit stand.. convenient!!)


On my first day when I walked into the waiting room it was jam packed with kids and their families.  The small rotating fan seemed to be mocking the heat that all of us were feeling.  I was shown into one of the two exam rooms where Dr. Kothare was seeing patients.


He gave me a warm greeting and quickly went back to his work.  The whole morning we flew back and forth between the two rooms seeing kiddos with everthing from diarrhea to typhoid fever.  The waiting room seemed to be an endless sea of anxiously waiting families and the exam rooms were sometimes filled with two or three families each.


Despite the busyness of the morning Dr. Kothare still took time to talk about most every patient with me and during our 12 o’clock chai break he had numerous questions about the US health care system for me.  We chatted about insurance, support for doctors and salaries.  I warned him that I wasn’t the best person to explain these things, but he still seemed interested.


We saw over 70 patients in the morning and he would return later that evening to see 70 more before calling it a day.  He explained that when he first started his practice he remembers sitting at his desk waiting for 1 or 2 patients to trickle in throughout the entire day.  It’s hard to picture that now as the thin exam room door separates us from a swarm of patients waiting for our chai break to end.  I guess his good reputation has reached every small corner of Pune and beyond.


During my time at this clinic I’ve learned how to diagnose and treat typhoid fever, had more discussions about diarrhea than I’ve ever wanted to have, and learned about the antibiotic over-usage problem in India.  I’ve had a great time with the staff here, and am looking forward to my last few days.


I’m not sure when I’ll be able too post next because of the lack of internet, but I’ll try my best.


P.S.  Only 1 more week until graduation!!


4 thoughts on “Final Week Adventures

  1. When is your official last day and do you get to see any more sights before heading home.
    How does one clear ones mind after seeing so many patients in a day? Are you getting
    closer to tolerating the heat? you’re gonna freeze in Ohio…and did we mention it snowed
    in NM last week. ; ) Looking forward to your new accent! Leave it all on the field…<3

    • Haha… Luckily meditation is a common practice here 🙂 I understand why so many people here practice it after experiencing the craziness of the days in Pune. I will be heading to Mumbai to fly home on Sunday evening, which means I’ll hopefully make it to good ‘ol Ohio by Monday night. My body is going to be so angry with me for going from cold to hot to cold again in such a short period of time! See you in a few days!

  2. Dear Mere, Once again, sounds so interesting. The doctor might not want you to leave! We are experiencing bad air quality and haze from a big dust storm in Texas! Everyone with asthma or breathing problems needs to stay inside! I bet the doctors are busy. I’m praying for your safe return. Can’t wait to call you Dr. Merkley, or Dr. Dufer, or Dr. Flipper, or Dr. Meredu! Love you, mom

  3. 70 patients in every 4hr period is roughly one every 3/12 minutues! I get tired simply thinking of that pace, I need a nap. That is definitly a wonderful case study of what good word of mouth advertising can do for you-it is the best form of advertising out there. Safe travels on your return to Ohio and hope you get more sightseeing in. Love dad

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